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Hlynur Helgason

Interdisciplinary & Juxtapositions

From oil paintings to 19th century cyanotypes

Hlynur Helgason is a visual artist who lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland. He works with painting and photography and creates a nuanced physical atmosphere in his paintings by juxtaposing overlays of colour fields organised according to a particular system. He also specialises in alternative photographic techniques, handcrafting images using nineteenth-century techniques, thus creating images of unsurpassed tactile quality. His images are natural and cultural phenomena studies, accentuating shades of light and texture. 

Hlynur finished a degree in painting from the Icelandic Art and Handicraft School in 1986, an MFA degree from Goldsmiths´ College in 1994, and a PhD in media philosophy from the European Graduate School in 2011.

Hlynur´s work is represented in significant public collections in Iceland, at the Reykjavík Municipal Art Museum and the National Gallery of Iceland.

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Hlynur Helgason
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