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Hjörtur Hjartarson

Beauty in Nature

"The art is like a flower for the spectator, and the spectator with its experience is like a bee which gets her honey as a reward for her body and mind... Brainhoney!"

Experience the magic of Hjörtur Hjartarson's art, inspired by not only the Icelandic landscape but also the stunning scenery of Kenya with its plains, the wildness, the brightness, the vegetation and red-brown colours of the earth. With a big international presence through solo- and group exhibitions in Spain, New York, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, his work has been recognized for its amazing ability to capture the beauty of the natural world.

His works have been featured in Martha Stewart's magazine ´Living´ and praised by top gallerists and designers such as Linda Nordberg, Cristina de Santos and Robbin Barron. Let Hjörtur´s art create a sense of wonder and provide a window into a world of creativity and inspiration.

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Hjörtur Hjartarson
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