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Dorota Golińska

...kommt bald...

"Painting is a form of capturing the beauty of our surroundings. It is an Expression of thoughts and emotions.
Mostly, my work is a reminiscence of various natural phenomena. I study the colour palette endlessly, searching for an artistic space to capture memories, feelings, light and mood!"

Dorota was born in Poland in 1971. She is a painter, makeup artist, and culture expert. Her passion for art and beauty has led her to discover new horizons in Iceland, where she now resides and creates art.

Her artistic sensitivity embraces the beauty of Icelandic landscapes. Natural light, personal perspective, memories, and emotions lead her to keep searching for the best colour palette and vision.
Paintings are on the verge of realism and impressionism, blurring the limitations of reality to make space for abstraction - creating an abstract landscape.
Since 1998, Dorota has been a part of several artistic projects in fashion, photography and art.
Dorota’s work exhibits in Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, and Poland.

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Dorota Golinska
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