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Bryndís Brynjarsdóttir

Forms of Infinity

"The spectator can take the art further depending on their inner reality and creative imagination."

The main themes of multimedia artist Bryndís Brynjarsdóttir´s work are ´forms of infinity´ and the irrational world of time and space. Influenced by the nature of the northern Icelandic village Dalvík, Bryndís captures these infinite forms with rather soft organic shapes mixed with mathematically structured configurations, all treated with a dreamlike colour play, whose interaction evokes the viewers experience. 
Both her paintings and drawings are on the verge of being three-dimensional. Structures are being transformed into 3D works either made of aluminium, which refers to the Icelandic oceans and glaciers, plywood, glass or lacquered iron, depending on the subject in each case.

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Bryndís Brynjarsdóttir
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